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Cause the wa- ai - ting is the hardest part...

Tom Petty was right.
Well, not so much about the weird Children of the Corn haircut he seems to have had for 40 years. But waiting for the upcoming TCM Film Fest here in Los Angeles is killing me.
Having purchased my passes back in December, it seems like a decade has gone by waiting to see the movies that made the 'Silver Screen' THE 'Silver Screen' actually on a big screen.
But now the time has come.

This time next week I will be sipping a martini in the Library bar at the legendary Roosevelt Hotel, hoping to see Robert Osborne doing the same.

There has been much to complain about;
- How long it took to get the schedule
- The cost of the passes
- Some of the movie choices (Out of Sight? Really?)

But in the end you realize, that it is totally worth it. The long lines, the cost, the crowds... It is all worth it, every penny, every line you will wait in. You will be surrounded with people who's love of the Classics are on par with your own. When the lights dim and the music crescendos and the credits roll, I will not be thinking about the cost or the lines, I will be excited to be sharing this with like minded people and my lovely wife.

I have a little OCD in me and will obsess about every detail, which is why I was hoping the schedule would have come out sooner. I have been working on spreadsheets, and I think I need an abacus, but I think I have my schedule put together. I have attached it below, if anyone wants to meet up for a drink or a movie you'll know where I'll be. I will be posting everyday from the event.

My TCM Schedule

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