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Under-rated and Under-appreciated

Chaplin, Lancaster, Bogie, Olivier, Cagney...
Stanwyck, Garbo, Hepburn, Dietrich...

Everyone knows the names, and while we all might argue over who is the best of all time, I am sure that our top 20 lists of male and female stars from the golden age of the silver screen would have the same stars just in different orders.

But what about those little talked about actors and actresses?

I am not here to tell you the most overlooked actor of all time, but instead to shine a light on two overlooked thespians who should get their due.

This will be a reoccurring thread, the "under-appreciated actors of the classic age of movies." In our first edition we will look one actor and one actress and recommend a movie for each.

Walter Brennan

You could say that Walter Brennan was the most successful character actor of all time. Considering that most film fans barely know his name, or at the very least know his name but can't remember any pictures he was in.
He was the only actor to win Best Supporting Oscars 3 times; and was nominated for a 4th
Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Sergeant York (1941) 
Best Actor in a Supporting Role
The Westerner (1940) 
Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Kentucky (1938) 
Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Come and Get It (1936) 
That is a fie year span in which he was nominated 4 times.
A man of many talents on and off the screen he was a singer who had a handful of top 100 hits.
Almost always cast as the hero's pal who sticks with him through thick and thin. Sometimes cast as "the old coot" in westerns you could always count on a solid performance.
Working right up until his death he has over 243 credits he is an actor worth a look. Rarely in the spotlight but always consistent.
Movie recommendation:
The only time he played a bad guy
"Old Man Clanton"
My Darling Clementine

Luise Rainer

The first Actor or Actress to win back to back Oscars. Which is an amazing feat, especially when you see the talent she was up against in those years (below) Beating out such luminaries as Garbo, Gaynor, Stanwyck, Lombard, Dunne so many actresses that we know with only their last name. So why isn't she considered one of the best of all time? She fell victim to what many consider the "Oscar Curse" (Cough-Cuba Gooding JR-cough). A classically trained actress she got "fussy" over her roles afterward and never made the impact she could have if given the proper respect.



Movie recommendation:
For the scene in which she is on the telephone congratulating Ziegfeld on his upcoming marriage
The Great Ziegfeld
Anna Held

Two stars Actors that should have been stars, that you should check out.

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