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Five Came TCM

Maybe TCM should hire ClassicEraMovies to give them suggestions.

When I opened my new copy of NOW PLAYING magazine

I saw this...

As reviewed not too long ago, "FIVE CAME BACK" by Mark Harris is an engrossing and wonderful composite of 5 directors and how they not only shaped Hollywood, but how the war shaped them.

Monique and I chose to explore this book and review it on the blog for 3 reasons
1. Was because of the motivation of writing for "Out of the Past" Summer Reading challenge
2. We found the book had become the topic of all our conversations we had together
3. We thought it would be a great feature on TCM

I guess we knew what we were talking about since every Tuesday in September TCM will be airing movies from these directors that took place during the time frame covered in the book. Most importantly the special military/propaganda films, rarely seen, are being aired alongside some of the classics from each Director. Much of the Docs that the Directors made for the Military are TCM premieres.

Even better, much like Eddie Mueller did for the TCM's Summer of Darkness, the author of "Five Came Back", Mark Harris will serve as co-host and introduce each film

I would love to think that our review inspired TCM to schedule this programming addition, but obviously these wheels had to have been in motion for quite awhile. And no matter how many fan letters we here at ClassicEraMovies writes TCM, they are likely too smart to listen to us anyway.

My wife and I can't wait for September to come...

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